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Parents create bus stop for their kids

Parents of Christel House students in one Jamaica neighborhood have banded together to improve their area. Working with community members, the Christel House parents cleaned up their neighborhood. Then they got creative, painting a special Christel House Jamaica Bus Stop for their children.

The community cleanup is part of the parent program that has been introduced at Christel House Jamaica. Jason Scott, Principal of Christel House Jamaica says parental involvement is important. “I have emphasized at all intervals, how critical the parent/school relationship is, to the success of any institution, no matter the level,” he says. “When parents show ownership for an institution, many obstacles are removed from school growth. Parents instill in their children the respect for the institution and the individuals who work there.” Scott says connecting with parents and emphasizing the positive is key to motivating and developing an appreciation of the opportunity presented for their family with Christel House. “Our numbers continue to grow in the area of parent volunteerism, boosted by the efforts of the Social Services Department,” Scott says. “We continue to see real interest in the work and mission of Christel House Jamaica.”


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