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Learning at the newest Christel House

Christel House’s newest school, Christel House Jamaica (CHJ) opened with K-2 students learning remotely. Then the Ministry of Health approved Christel House to receive students for in-person classes. But, a tropical storm warning and days of torrential rain caused flooding on the island, forcing teachers and staff to adapt.“It is a very busy time for all as the staff works with the approved Covid-19 protocols,” says Hon. Sally Porteous, CEO of CHJ. “Everyone is striving to ensure the school is safe.” The staff is prepared. “Our principal, Alicia Francis, and the IT team have been very busy readying teachers on the use of tablets,” says Porteous. She reports that parents and children have been coming to the school to learn how to use the new technology. Tablets have been distributed to 2nd graders while printed homework packages were sent home for the kindergarten and 1st grade students. Following the weather emergency, the school finally opened for in-person learning. Additionally, the CHJ staff is distributing 175 food parcels for students and their families.


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