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A morning start for Christel House's newest students

For the newest Christel House students in Jamaica, getting to and from school every day is an exciting part of their new routine. It takes nine buses, over nine routes, traveling through 27 communities to get 180 kids to school. Children are picked up at central points throughout communities near the school. On average, it takes between 15 to 45 minutes for students to travel to Christel House. “Our school is located in St. Catherine, one of the fastest growing parishes, therefore traffic builds up quickly,” says Kerry Ann Thompson, Social Worker Lead. “No children live within walking distance of the school.” Once the children arrive at school, they wash their hands to promote sanitation and cleanliness, then enjoy breakfast before classes. Thompson says the daily riding of the bus and the protocols once they arrive at school have become a welcome routine for the children. She notes the kids are doing well in their first year at Christel House. Thompson says it warms her heart when she hears from the parents of children. She shares - “Thank you very much Christel House Jamaica for showing us there is someone who still cares for the less fortunate. My child is learning.”



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