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Graduation and summer classes in Jamaica

Christel House’s newest school, Christel House Jamaica, has been busy this summer. Kindergarten students moving into first grade in August celebrated graduation ceremonies as part of the school’s summer classes and activities.

All students from kindergarten to grade 2 were slated for summer classes according to Adesuwa Omoregie, Interim Principal. Teachers worked to develop children’s phonic skills, using a multi-sensory program to teach kids to read and write in English. During the summer courses, students focused on reading, writing and mathematics. Some lessons were face to face with teachers while other sessions allowed students to learn at their own pace. “We are using a blended approach to learning,” said Omoregie. With the conclusion of summer classes, Omoregie reflected on the success of Christel House Jamaica’s first year. “Despite the challenges the pandemic brought, we were able to engage our students.” She’s already looking forward to seeing children return to the classroom. “The new school year will commence on Monday, August 23, 2021.”

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